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Contract for construction of Clinic building at Majiya Tuare Local Government Area, Jigawa State, under the Authority’s Corporate Social Responsibility project, with a contract sum of ₦27,300,000.00 (Twenty-seven million, three hundred thousand naira) was awarded through award letter Ref. No.: HQ/GM/PROC/CON/C.11/14/577 of 13th February, 2015 with six (6) weeks completion period.
The Bill of Quantities (BOQs) attached to the contract showed that the utilization for the sum of ₦2,474,946.04 (Two million, four hundred and seventy-four thousand, nine hundred and forty-six naira, four kobo) could not be ascertained; summation of figure includes a lump sum of ₦1,118,637.58 (One million, one hundred and
eighteen thousand, six hundred and thirty-seven naira, fifty-eight kobo), ₦1,320,393.75 (One million, three hundred and twenty thousand, three hundred and ninety-three naira, seventy-five kobo) for planning approval to be executed by the State government concerned (under preliminaries); and ₦35,914.71 (Thirty-five thousand, nine hundred and fourteen naira seventy-one kobo) for consultancy services (under preliminaries).
Physical inspection of the project site showed that the contractor handed-over the project to the community where it was converted to a king’s palace instead of the clinic originally intended to provide health services to the community.



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2017 Audit Report of the Federation

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