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The contract for construction of classrooms block at Government Day Secondary School, Dangana, Lapai LGA, Niger State, was awarded vide award letter Ref. No. HQ/GM/PROC/CON/C.11/13/122 dated 18th November, 2013 at the sum of ₦25,400,175.25 (Twenty-five million, four hundred thousand, one hundred and seventy-five naira, twenty-five kobo) with a six (6) months completion period.
The sum of ₦24,130,166.48 (Twenty-four million, one hundred and thirty thousand, one hundred and sixty-six naira, forty-eight kobo) was paid to the contractor, vide payment voucher number HQ/0036909 dated 20th January, 2014 with the balance (Retention) of ₦1,270,008.76 paid vide invoice no HQ/CS/385 of 13th May, 2015.
Physical inspection of the project site with two staff of Corporate Social Responsibility Department and two Consultants to the Authority’s Managing Director, the following were revealed:
• ₦1,936,513.00 (One million, nine hundred and thirty-six thousand, five hundred and thirteen naira) was provided for tile the floor of the building; however, there were no tilework done.
• ₦610,700.00 (Six hundred and ten thousand, seven hundred naira) was provided for the supply and installation of twenty-one (21) Nos. aluminum sliding windows with 5mm thick clear glass of various sizes; metal windows were installed instead.
• ₦1,750,000.00 (One million, seven hundred and fifty thousand naira) was provided for fabrication, delivery and erection of structural steel roof trusses, purling, cleats, bolts, etc., for roof Work; Wood was used instead of steel roof trusses.
• Water system’s sanitary appliances like toilet roll holders, water heater, water tank, etc. with sum of ₦234,590.00 (Two hundred and thirty-four thousand, five hundred and ninety naira) quoted in the BOQs were not supplied, rather regular pit toilet system was constructed.



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2017 Audit Report of the Federation

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